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Love always Sabrina Isabelle

Happy One year in Youtube

I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel but I have never got the guts to come on camera as I was a very camera shy person. One day I decide to create a channel and the first few videos I started to upload was videos about my Puppies, I wanted to share with you guys how adorable my puppies are and to share the joy and happiness I feel.

Shortly after that I wanted to share my makeup passion and I want to help girls out there who are struggling to get makeup, finding cheap products that works as well as high end products. In the past years I have learned how to put makeup without taking any courses and I had lots failure just trying to get the right foundation or concealer. So I decided to start videos, uploading makeup tutorials and sharing my views on products and their value.

Looking back on how I started, I didn’t have the money to purchase a camera so instead I used my galaxy note 3 phone to video almost 11 makeup tutorials. The quality at that time was perfect to me but in fact it wasn’t. As I said I’m a camera shy person, so I struggled a lot just to turn the camera on to record, totally afraid than when I do turn it on I would make a fool of myself but I pulled myself together and I did it! I also didn’t have the money to purchase a ring light so I DIY my own ring light.

So I started doing mostly Smokey eye tutorials, the ones I already knew how to do, I didn’t get much views, likes or comments, still I went on creating videos, I never let that dishearten me. So I started being a bit creative and did some cool videos like Skull contouring and started a new series which was called Frist impressions. First impressions are meanly me trying out new products which I purchased and try them out on camera so that you see how the product works and also give some review on the product, telling about the ingredients and how it works. I’m oily combination so most products I review are catered to women who are similar to my skin type. Cause I know how I struggle to find products that suit me. So this series helps women decide on the product whether they want to purchase it or not.

So about 1-2 months in making videos, I started to get a number of comments and likes on my videos, giving me an idea of what type of videos you guys like watching more. So I started to jump out of my comfort zone, creating colorful makeup tutorials, cut crease tutorials, also did a video on my flawless foundation video and also doing basic makeup tutorials for beginners. In this time, I also purchased my new Sony HDR Projector camera which costed my $470 SGD and purchased a new ring light which costed me $170 SGD.

I wanted you guys to know me better, so I decided to do a Vlog video, which is so far the only Vlog I have done, but it was a Vlog video about Universal Studios Singapore. It was Halloween Horror Night, shared with you guys all the scary moments and how they decorated USS up for Halloween night.


So after that I wanted to expend my channel, as you know Singapore’s exposure is not that’s great. So how do u expend you channel to other country’s? ……………. I decided to reach out to my subscribers who also have their own YouTube channel. I didn’t have much luck as they didn’t reply my back on a collaboration. I never gave up and finally one beautiful babe from YouTube replied me back and said Yes to my collaboration and we grew close and till this day we are good friends, I’m hoping to get an opportunity to meet her one day, her name Is Anna. So we collaborated together and did a Neutral eye with dark lips. Her channel is amazing as she does makeup tutorials, hauls, hair styling. We also did a collab celebrating our friendship, doing a dramatic makeup tutorial.

Shortly after that I collaborated with another YouTube friend, her name is Lucy. We collaborated and did a fall makeup look. She is also my very good friend in YouTube, her channel is amazing as she does makeup tutorials and also DIY on makeup.

I did many collaboration videos, I did a collaboration with Sarsa Arul, she is also based in Singapore like me, and she also has her own YouTube channel, very beautiful, sweet women inside and out. We did dramatic Smokey eye makeup tutorial. Her channel is amazing as she does makeup tutorials, reviews, DIY

I collaborated with Shauna, also my very good friend her in YouTube, she is such a beautiful and amazing person and I’m hoping to meet her one day too, her channel is amazing as she does makeup tutorials, hauls, LookBook Ideas and many more. We did Colorful makeup tutorial

I collaborated with Hanna, also my friend here in YouTube, she is such a beautiful and her videos are really top quality. We did a Glam Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial. Her channel is amazing, she does makeup tutorials, hauls. OOTD and many more

I collaborated with Karlyray, also my very good friend her in YouTube, she is such a beautiful and amazing person, love her hair! We collaborated on an inspire summer look. Her channel is amazing as she does makeup tutorials, OOTD and many more

I collaborated with Miss Charmelline, also my very good friend her in YouTube, she is such a beautiful and amazing personWe collaborated on an beautiful and simple look. Her channel is amazing as she does makeup tutorials and many more


As for me I started,

  • really playing with colors I wouldn’t normally wear and turn it into something you would wear on a day or night outing.
  • I did a Cracked Doll Halloween Makeup tutorial
  • I did a Get to know me/ Monthly favs Video
  • Doing Sephora Hauls, sharing what products I bought and their pricing.
  • Doing reviews on makeup palettes.
  • Blue and Grey Lipstick tutorials

I also started a new series on my channel which is called Unboxing. Means I would get monthly subscription from Morphe, IPSY, Lip monthly and I will unbox/unbag them on camera to show/share with you guys what I got this month and also give a bit of discerption of the product and its retail value price.

Started doing videos my subscribers requested or I thought they would prefer to watch.

Videos like My Skin Care Routine, which I would talk about all the products I use and how it helped my skin, the improvement it has shown me, Fun tag Video, my fav Concealers, which I would talk about all the concealers I own and do a demo on the coverage it gives me, as I said earlier that I did struggle to get the right type of concealers, so by me doing this video it will help women choose the type of coverage they prefer. I did a Highlight and Contour video using all cream products. As most women out there are afraid to use cream products, I did this video to encourage and share my tips on how to play with cream products and also giving a detail explanation on the products I use.

How I wanted to Inspire You

Around Feb – ending April It was a very hard time for me as I was going through a lot of emotional problems and kind a lost myself in the moment. I wanted to inspire myself in doing things that I never thought I would do and at this time I needed to be strong and not let it take over me. So I did a Blue Lipstick makeup tutorial to inspire all of you to jump out of your comfort zone and try new things. It can be anything not necessarily in makeup but in general. After filming this video, I realized that anyone can do anything you want if you put your whole heart in it. As for me when I started YouTube I never thought I would even reach 100 subscribers, but if I didn’t start and I let it define me I would never know how many subscribers I would get. So never think that you aren’t capable of doing what you desire. Try it out and it just might surprise you.

Then I filmed a very fun and interesting video which is called The Power of Makeup. This was started by NikkieTutorials. She is one of the biggest makeup artist here in YouTube. She has more than 3 million subscribers. She started this to share that there is no need to be ashamed of makeup.

So I did the video to show that I’m not ashamed of my natural face, in fact I love my natural face and I love makeup too. Some women are afraid to show their real natural bare skin, that’s why I did this video showing that even if your dark skin, having pimple, under eye circles, each and every one of you are beautiful. I recently filmed when I was extremely sick, it didn’t bother me cause it’s the real rare me. Even throught Nikkie started this, with the help of Nikkie you too can inspire.

The sky is limitless. Anything is possible.


Looking at this past year, I have made a lot of awesome friends here, all are them are beautiful and amazing in their own ways. Warm hearted and loving souls. I truly wish I could meet all of them someday. J

Looking from my first video till now, I have grown so much. The quality of my videos have improved, I have changed my background couple of times, finding the perfect background. Started new series on my channel that will help everyone out there and I wouldn’t have done it, if it was not for all your support. All the beautiful comments and likes. I truly love you all so much.

I truly hope all of you will continue to support me and carry on this journey with me. I love making videos and sharing them with you guys, seeing all the comments that’s just the best part of my day. See you all on my channel. Have a great and wonderful day.

My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf9-rwgXsOwVGOH_FsfYFPg

My one year journey.

Love always Sabrina

LookBook May 2016

This are all my favorites outfits for the month.


The First Outfit

The first outfit is very suitable for a causal outing , hot pants are super comfortable and  makes you feel free.


The second outfit is my fav, its a super comfortable dress with open back, sexy yet giving you that cute girly look.


The Third Outfit

The third outfit is very suitable for date night, company dinner/Events Etc. This look is very sexy yet still giving you that formal look.

This is my first time doing a Look book, i truly hope you enjoy the video, and Don’t forget to Like & Subscribe to keep updated on my latest videos.

Love Always Sabrina